Team Building Workshops

We motivate each other We play together

Cross functional teams are large teams that have members from across functions or departments spread through out the organizations. The members have to coordinate and work with each other to carry our organizational objectives and generally the output of one individual or department/function is the input for the other individual or department/functions. Cross functional teams do not have a hierarchical structure but are linked by processes that define the work flow.

Such teams may be facing the following issues

  • Lack of coordination across functions
  • Delay in delivery
  • Incomplete output that hinders the work flow for the other team
  • Focus only on functional objectives and lack of ownership for organizational objectives
  • High usage of emails with cc and bcc being used frequently
  • More vertical communication and less linkages across the same levels
  • Frequent escalation (involving) of trivial issues to senior management

Workshop Methodology followed

  • Study team linkages and general understanding of issues based on management feedback
  • Design training in consultation with the senior management
  • Conduct Team Building Workshop
    • Use Ice breakers to induce dialog between team members across function
    • Divide team into smaller teams such that each team is represented by members of all functions
    • Involve team members in intense outdoor games and adventure activities
    • Use psychometric analysis to generate better understanding of self and team members
    • Organize cultural activities and other group fun activities that ensure maximum participation of team members with each other
We stay together We work together

Implement post workshop action plan by team to ensure sorting of identified team issues

Review implementation of team plan to ensure long term effectiveness

Workshop Duration – Two to Three days